The Caring Center enrolls new children on a rolling basis (all year long) based on availability. It is recommended that all potential families register for a tour of the facility. Tours are conducted every other Wednesday morning at 9:30. The tours provide an opportunity for families to see the facility, observe the teacher- child interactions, and to participate in a question/answer session.

Once the tour is completed, application packets are distributed. Applications can be completed and submitted immediately after the tour. There is a one- time $50.00 registration fee. Fees can be paid via money order, check or by using a credit card (there is a 2.75% processing fee on credit cards).

All applications are reviewed by the Executive Director. Available slots are offered based on the date the application was submitted. See below for additional information about applications.

Applications can be downloaded by clicking here or can be mailed by calling our front desk staff at 215-386-8245.

Observation Days

Gradual Placement (Transition Days)

Parents are invited to visit the center with their child for about 45 minutes. During this time period, they are placed in the classroom to which they will be assigned. The Observation Day affords parents the opportunity to meet the classroom teachers and children. Additionally, it is a venue for parents to ask questions pertaining to the daily routine and/or activities of the day.

At the end of the Observation Day, parents are encouraged to secure their space by submitting a deposit. The deposit is four weeks’ worth of tuition; two weeks are held in escrow and two weeks are applied to the first two weeks of tuition. An Enrollment Packet is completed and Transition Days are scheduled.
Transition Days afford the opportunity for the child and parents to gradually enter The Caring Center Program. Two or three days prior to the start date, your child will have the opportunity to visit the classroom and participate in the activities of the day. Each day offers an extended time frame for staying at the center. This experience helps the child to become familiar with the environment, routine, children, and staff before spending a full day in the setting.