Health & Safety.

At TCC, health and safety are always our top priority.

We take a rigorous, fact-based approach to mitigating the spread of illness. Please see our COVID Response Summary to learn more. Below are some highlights of our health and safety policies. See our Pandemic Response Plan for more detailed information.

  • ALL adults and children ages 2+ must wear an approved face mask at all times (except during meals)
  • Everyone who enters the facility must pass a daily health screening, including temperature check
  • All staff and children wash hands with soap and water upon arrival, and frequently throughout the day
  • Non-essential visitors are restricted from entry (i.e., no mail or food delivery persons; no tours)
  • Classroom cohorts are strictly maintained; children do not move between groups
  • HEPA air filtration units run continuously in all classrooms, break areas and conference rooms; filters are changed regularly
  • Bathrooms, floors, high-traffic areas, and high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day