The Arts.

Through formal and informal engagement, children at TCC explore a wide variety of music and art, and they’re encouraged to make their own!

They express themselves through daily arts and crafts activities, including painting, scultping with clay, constructing collages, and more. They are encouraged to regularly listen to and make their own music, and we engage professional and amateur musicians throughout the year, as part of our exploration of music and movement. Our children are immersed in an art-rich environment, where they actively participate in the arts, and where art – in a variety of media, by both amateurs and professionals – surrounds them at all times.

Wrapping around 3 sides of our building is a mural depicting the development of tadpoles into frogs (our mascot). Across the parking lot, a scene from a lily pond is painted on our Enrichment Academy.

And on the playground, children sit and climb on “Alice”, our life-sized puma, sculpted by Eric Berg. Above the main lobby hangs our huge string mural, a gift to the children from renowned artist Emeteria Rios Martinez. Original works of art adorn our hallways – some by accomplished artists, like Larry “Pancho” Brown, and many more by the children of The Caring Center!